Harmony Games Leaderboard

scores after Round 3

Arenafoot 43,50030
reallybrettdidn't play in round 317
Hizzydidm't play in round 37
KaeruYojimbo 24,8508

Harmony Games Score Board

Welcome to the All New Harmony Games score board. Round 3 was won by Arenafoot
The Game he chosen is A-VCS-tec Challenge for round 4 which starts at 3pm Central time on 5/15/18 and ends on 6/12/18 at 2pm central
Scoring goes as follows top 10:
  1. 10 (for first) to 2(for tenth)
  2. 1 for everybody after 10

you can post scores at the AVC Online forum(topic harmony games) or at Atari age.com (see link in menu on left)
Scores will be posted here,at Atari Age and on the AVC Forum(when that round starts the scores will be cleared bellow
also Round with be the final round for this season and game will be picked by me which will be announced a week before round 4 ends its also the feature game at VGS'18 harmony games.
Game can be played on system with Harmony cart,or actual cart or on emulator