Harmony Games Score Board

Welcome to the All New Harmony Games score board. The final round was won by LidLikesIntellivision
Top 3 Leaderboard winners are Arenafooot, 5x7, and LidLikesIntellivision

( on 7/14/18 this game was also be played at Video Game Summit in a walk up HSC from 11am to 3pm CT) the scores for that HSC is listed bellow the normal HSC
This ends the season for the Harmony Games, we will return in 2019 for another season, thanks for all who played, even though Harmony games are over for this season there is another 2600 hombrew HSC going on at Atari Age, check it out HERE its ran by LidLikesIntellivision
LidLikesIntellivision 4,26010
Arenafoot 5709

Harmony Games AT VGS

The scores bellow were done the The Video Game Summit on July 14th using the same game as the normal HSC done online(Ranks weren't given)

first place went to Caleb Ivery who wona copy of the game and the harmony games HSC patch
second place went to Daniel Keller who won a selected prize.
due to circumstances beyond our control, the Award Certificates we're not available.
Caleb Ivey50,190
Daniel Keller6,810
Steven Lucus4,440
Nick Sula3,540
Andy Bryer1,560

Leader board Scoring

scores after the Final round
Arenafoot 57052
5X7Didn't play in final round27
LidLikesIntellivision 4,26024
reallybrettdidn't play in final round17
Deteacherdidn't play in final round16
cimmeriandidn't play in the final round12
KaeruYojimbo didn't play in final round8
Hizzydidm't play in final round7