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      Welcome To the All New AVC Online Website.We changed up our format using a block theme and changed few things make more mobile ready.

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We reworked the site to be more mobile friendly gave it an easy flow as well keeping feel of the old format. plus new features to added in future.

Current Events

Atari IRC
Nov 26 @ 12:00 am – 11:59 pm

To join this Chat you need an MIRC client to connect to the irc
irc.freenode.net ( join channel ##atari)

Atari IO chat
Nov 26 @ 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Atari IO chat

Atari chat room in the forum (click the event website link above to get to forum ,must be registered and logged in to be in chat)
chat room is open 24/7 Wednesday nights are special night with trivia and such.

Featured Twitch show

Galloping Ghost
Nov 28 @ 5:00 pm
Galloping Ghost


Join Galloping Ghost Arcade every Monday on twitch for
Arcade news and reveal of the Monday mystery game!

click on the Event Website link above to watch


Mailing list

This is where to find our Mailing List sign up page.
Now you have a choice to sign up for our main list before it was just automatic.

AVC Club/Atari Age

This is the club’s official forum/board at Atari Age.com,
here is where our HSC contest is at as well other club news can be posted.

Club News

This is where you find our Mailchimp newsletters for the club and others news

About Us

Information about the history of AVC Online and updates to the site as well what is planned for the future

Atari Jaguar Festival

Information on Atari Jaguar Fest from the fist one in the US in 1994 to current. Celebration Atari Jaguar systems

Community Calendar

This is our calendar of events which includes Chat rooms, Twitch shows and trade shows.
Current events can be seen above

AVC Online Network

This is where we have list of Twitch streams including AVC Live
The featured Twitch show can be seen above

High Score Contest

This is where our High Score contest is at.
in the past we only did 2600 homebrews starting this year we will include 7800 homebrews.