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Leader Board scores after Round 2
Nametotal points
James O (ZPH)76
Charles Wieland 66
Tanya (ZPH)49
Dan I(AVC)36
Thomas Jentzsch10
Darcy (ZPH)7

2022 Harmony Games Has ended

Thanks to all who have wasn't the best season but still good.
Sadly it its also the last season for Harmony Games as we know it, as 2023 we will be including the 7800 Homebrew games winners from the Atari Homebrew Awards. For more om changes click here for more info (open's to new page).

Congrats to the top 3 winners: James O'Brein, Charles Wieland and Tanya O'Brien

Games Startend
( Best Work in Progress Originals) Tobers Nightmare

March 14th, Noon Central

April 9th, 2pm Central

( Best Work in Progress Ports)Turbo Arcade
(Best Graphics Originals) Game of the Bear

April 11th, Noon Central

May 7th 2pm Central

(Best Graphics Ports)Lady Bug Arcade
(Best Homebrew < 4k ): K-Jo Chases the Cheese

May 9th, Noon Central

June 6th, 2pm Central

(Best Homebrew <4K Ports): Dodge it
( Best Homebrew Game Originals) - Mr. Yo-Yo

June 13th Noon Central

July 26th, 2pm Central

( Best Homebrew Game Ports)- Robotwar 2684

Orignals Games Score Board

Best Games Round Scores
Charles Wieland 46,10010
James O (ZPH)24,2509
Tanya O (ZPH)5,5008
Dan I(AVC)2,8007
< 4K Games Round Scores
Thomas Jentzsch 37610
James O (ZPH)3669
Tanya O (ZPH)3658
Charles Wieland 2916
Dan I(AVC)2375
Graphics Round Scores
James O (ZPH)89610
Charles Wieland 8169
Work in Progress Round Scores
James O (ZPH)6,30010
Charles Wieland 5,7509
Tanya O (ZPH)4,8758
Dan I(AVC)1.8007

scooring in the Port Games

Best Games Round Scores
NameScore Bonus points
James O(ZPH)91,0259
Tanya O (ZPH)78,8758
Charles Wieland 28,7757
Dan I(AVC)7,4006
<4k Games Round Scores
NameScore Bonus points
James O(ZPH)32009
Tanya O (ZPH)13508
Charles Wieland 9507
Dan I(AVC)1505
Graphics Round Scores
NameScore Bonus points
James O(ZPH)125,0509
Charles Wieland 86,9908
Darcy (ZPH)63,4207
Dan I(AVC)10,7306
Work in Progress Round Scores
NameScore Bonus points
James O(ZPH)10,0209
Charles Wieland 5,4668
Tanya O (ZPH)1,6127