12:00 pm 2022 Harmony Games
2022 Harmony Games
Mar 14 @ 12:00 pm
2022 Harmony Games
    First Round  of the Harmony Games tournament will be: Original Round: Port Round: visit the Harmony Games page for  rules scoring!

2022 Harmony Games Schedule

2022 Harmony Games begin in one month after The 4th Annual Atari Homebrew Awards.
Starting this season each round starts on Second Monday of each month starting on March 14th,2022 (each round last 21 days)
Games Startend
( Best Work in Progress Originals)

March 14th, Noon Central

April 4th, 2pm Central

( Best Work in Progress Ports)
(Best Graphics Originals)

April 11th, Noon Central

May 2nd 2pm Central

(Best Graphics Ports)
(Best Homebrew < 4K Originals )

May 9th, Noon Central

May 30th, 2pm Central

(Best Homebrew < 4K Ports)
( Best Homebrew Game Originals)

June 13th Noon Central

July 5th, 2pm Central

( Best Homebrew Game Ports)