Harmony Games AT VGS

only had two entrees this year for Harmony Games at VGS
Adan Martinez and Daniel Keller
due to the lateness of the show no awards or trophies was done in time for the show, we are going to award James (who won the online version of Harmony Games) and Adan(who won the beat the champ at VGS) a Harmony Games Winner patch
we're doing this to be fair to both players because it was my fault for not explaining the rules to Ray Price of the Harmony Games, will make sure to that before the next VGS.
Zookeeper winnerScore
James O Brein (Zero Page Homebrew)434,300
Show entries from VGS 2021Score
Adan Martinez 3,284,670
Daniel Keller51,250

Leader board Scoring 2021 Scores

Leader board scores after round 4
NameScorepoints(regular round+ bonus round)
James O (ZPH)Dog gone it: 31,575
Zoo Keeper: 434,300
Charles Wieland Dog Gone It: 37,332
Zoo Keeper: 130,230
Tanya (ZPH) Dog Gone it:28,160
Zoo Keeper: 86,330
ArenafootDidn't Play29
Dan I(AVC)Didn't Play27
Thomas JentzschDidn't Play9
Andrew P Dog Gone it:28,160
Didn't Play in bonus round
Jason_AtariDog gone it: 46,236
Didn't Play in bonus round