Harmony games Schedule

This is the schedule of Harmony games being used,

Games selected are those that won 2019 Atari 2600 Homebrew Awards Ran by ZeroPage Homebrew, Atariage.com and The Atari 2600 Homebrew Companion, you can find the winners post here

The Forth and Final game is Galagon you post the scores in the club forum at Atariage.com(game and instructions as well as rules will be posted there as well)(use the link in menu)
this round was scheduled to end on 7/11 at VGS at 6pm Central, due to Covid and other issues we had to cancel 2020 VGS and we decided to extend the deadline 2 extra days
(Best Work in Progress) ZooKeeperMarch 9th, Noon CentralApril 6th, 2pm Central
(Best Graphics) Aardvark April 9th, Noon Central May 7th 2pm Central
(Best Homebrew < 4K) Amoeba Jump May 9th, Noon CentralJune 7th, 2pm Central
(Best Homebrew Game) GalagonJune 9th Noon CentralJuly 13th, 2pm Central

Harmony Games Score Board

James (ZPH)75.89010
keebz68,830 9
Charles Wieland 52,8608
Taynya (ZPH)36,2707
Darcy (ZPH)8,5606

Leader board Scoring 2020 Scores after round 3

James O (ZPH)13.05027
Tanya (ZPH)5023 23
Arenafoot2107 20
Charles Wieland 24,41119
Dan I(AVC)1353 12
Thomas Jentzsch6453 11
Aerlan (ZPH)did not play in round 39