Harmony games Schedule

The 2021 Harmony games will be begin on March 8th at noon central time starting with best work in progress orignal game for normal points and best work in progress port game for bonus!! good luck!!
Games Startend
( Best Work in Progress Originals) Knight guy in low res world

March 8th, Noon Central

April 5th, 2pm Central

( Best Work in Progress Port-Bonus)Zeivious
(Best Graphics Originals) Nijishguy in low res world

April 8th, Noon Central

May 6th 2pm Central

(Best Graphics Ports-Bonus) Tower of Rubble
(Best Homebrew < 4K -Originals )Cannonhead Clash

May 8th, Noon Central

June 6th, 2pm Central

(Best Homebrew < 4K Port-Bonus) Robot City
( Best Homebrew Game -Originals) Dog gone it

June 8th Noon Central

July 12th, 2pm Central

( Best Homebrew Game) Port-Bonus) Zookeeper

Harmony Games Score Board


scooring in the Bonus Games

NameScore Bonus points

Leader board Scoring 2020 Scores

these will be reset when the 2021 games begin
James O (ZPH)75.89037
Tanya (ZPH)36,27029
Charles Wieland 52,86026
Dan I(AVC)15,58017
Thomas Jentzschdid not play in round 411
Aerlan (ZPH)did not play in round 49
keebz68,830 9
Darcy (ZPH)8,5604