2023 Games

Below are the changes to Formerly known Harmony Games

Name Change

With the addition of 7800 homebrew games to HSC we can no longer call it the Harmony Games so we are looking for a new name for the HSC via the AVC Online Club at Atari Age.

2 divisions

  • 2600 – Harmony Games Division
  • 7800- Concerto Games Division

    Graphics round removed

    After consideration we have decided to drop the Graphics round from the HSC (since most of the times the graphics winner was also the best game winner or doesn’t have a scoring system)

    number of rounds

    3 rounds for Harmony games

    • Work in Progress
    • Completed Originals
    • Completed Ports

      2 rounds for Concerto games

      • Work in Progress
      • Completed

        Score Submissions

        There will be 3 ways to submit your score:

        • via Atari Age (via the topic for the round being played(as normal)
        • Facebook (on the AVC Online Facebook group on determined post)
        • AVC Online site via a form