Harmony games Schedule

This is the schedule of Harmony games being used,

Games selected are those that won 2018 Atari Awards Ran by ZeroPage Homebrew, Atariage.com and The Atari 2600 Homebrew Companion, you can find the winners post here

All games listed can be downloaded here as well as instructions
Mappy (Best Homebrew Game, Programing,
Technical Achievement ,Music and sound and Graphics)
June 11th Noon CentralJuly 13, 6pm Central

Harmony Games Score Board

Nathan Strum91,730 9
oyamafamily 65,3508
Arenafoot 40,2807
Aerlan (ZPH) 36,6906
James O (ZPH) 35,7405
roadrunner 32,4004
Darcy (ZPH)19.5503
Dan Iacovelli (AVC Online)6,1902

Leader board Scoring

after Final Round
James O (ZPH) 35,74034
Arenafoot 40,28028
Nathan Strum91,730 26
oyamafamily 65,35018
Aerlan (ZPH) 36,69016
Impaler_26did not play14
roadrunner 32,40012
LidLikesIntellivision did not play10
Mikadid not play9
Dan Iacovelli (AVC Online)6,1909
Bob Mackeydid not play8
Tanya O (ZPH)did not play6
Darcy (ZPH)19.5503

Harmony Games AT VGS

The scores bellow were done the The Video Game Summit on July 13th using the same game as the normal HSC done online(Ranks weren't given)

first place went to Daniel Keller who won a copy of the Harmony Games Patch,Trophy and Certificate
second place went to Andy Bryer who won a Certificate.
Daniel Keller79.580
Andy Bryer16,960
Caleb Ivey16,430
Nick Sula3,540