AVC Online Network Begins March 9th

AVC Online Network  Starts on March 2nd

Chicago,IL- AVC Online’s Flagship web show AVC Live have been going on for more than 5 years
since the days we were on Ustream. when Ustream changed to a pay site we move AVC Live to Twitch
but due to technical problems we moved to Facebook and recently we added Zoom along with Facebook.
As I still have my Twitch account which I use to watch streams like Galloping Ghost Arcade, Zero Page Homebrew and recently MGCtv(Midwest Gaming Classic tv).

I originally planned to launch the network in January of last year,but was held back until I figure a good way to work the schedule.  Now I know how to do this and put my twitch channel to good use I’m pleased to announce that starting march 9th,2021 at 8pm Central the AVC Online network will be launched.

The Network will be showing streams on Twitch.tv/danavc  with the shows  I have mentioned above starting with ZeroPage Homebrew on Tuesdays and Fridays and then Galloping Ghost Arcade for Monday Mystery will be added next week. those are the two main streams we will focus on for now, we might add MGCtv down the road if it doesn’t conflict with other shows as it does stream each day.
Update: AVC Live is back on Twitch videos are also being posted on youtube as well